Advent Calendar Emoji Pocket Tutorial
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Make these felt numbered chimney pockets and attach to your Advent Calendar!

This tutorial includes instructions for how to make these felt numbered chimney pockets. Instructions are included in separate tutorials for how to make the felt Emojis, as well as how to assemble the advent calendar.

Supplies Needed for each felt pocket:

  • Firm cutaway stabilizer
  • Red felt- Two pieces 3.5” x 3.5” (9 cm x 9 cm)
  • White felt scrap

A note about thread colors:  Though the design file may have multiple unusual colors, you may use any thread colors that you’d like to match your project.  The variety of thread colors is used to separate out design steps only.  You will use mostly white and black thread for these felt chimney pockets. 

Be sure to read all instructions before beginning


Hoop one piece of cutaway stabilizer.  I do not recommend tearaway stabilizer for this project, as it makes the finished chimney piece have a ‘crackling’ sound when it is adjusted.

Color 1:  Placement stitch.  Sew onto the stabilizer.

Lay the red piece of felt over the placement stitch and tape or pin to the stabilizer.

Color 2:  Tackdown stitch for pocket.  I prefer to skip this step.  This is all personal preference as some sewers like to have the material tacked at this point.

Color 3:  Numbers

Turn hoop to the back side and add a piece of felt.  Secure with tape.

Return hoop to machine.


Color 4:  Triple bean stitching to secure both layers of felt together.

Note:  I sewed this step using black thread, but when I assembled the calendar, I wished I had used white thread, so it blended better with the ‘snow’ on the top of each chimney.

Front View

Back View

Color 5:  Sew placement stitch for white felt and add a piece of scrap felt on top of the chimney.


Color 6:  Sew tackdown stitch for white felt snow.

Your project is finished sewing!  Remove the design from the machine and from the hoop and trim under the bottom white portion.  Use a rotary cutter to trim the excess fabric from the four edges.

Your pocket is now ready to be added to the Advent calendar!

Expert tip:  To make your chimney pieces have a nice clean edge, and be more durable, heat seal the edges.  To do this you will light a candle and slowly rotate the edge of the felt ornament through the heat.  The heat melts all the felt fringe, and gives the edges a slightly firm feel.  I have made two short videos to show you how I do this:


Heat Sealing Edges Method 1

Heat Sealing Edges Method 2

Here are the two accompanying tutorials:

We would love to see your finished project!  Please join our Facebook group and share photos with us!


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