Advent Calendar Tutorial
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An Advent Calendar adds excitement and anticipation to the holiday season. Make this embroidered Advent Calendar with your embroidery machine.

This tutorial includes instructions for how to assemble this Advent Calendar.  Instructions are included in separate tutorials for how to make the felt numbered pockets and the felt Emojis.

Embroidered Advent Calendar Tutorial

Supplies Needed to complete the Advent Calendar:

  • 17” x 25” fabric piece for front
  • 17” x 25” fabric piece for back lining
  • 3 pieces of front fabric to be used to make the loops. They should each be 4” x 5”
  • 1” black buttons- 25
  • Poster sized piece of foam core (can be found at most dollar stores)
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Dowel and ribbon or twine for hanging

Be sure to read all instructions before beginning

Cut two pieces of fabric for the calendar base- each 17” x 25”.  These will be trimmed down slightly later in the design process.

Cut three 4” x 5” pieces of the main fabric to be used as the hanging loops.

Fold each loop piece in half lengthwise (hot dog style), right sides together and sew raw edges together.  Turn right side out and bring the seam to the middle as shown in the photo:

Iron this piece flat.

Bring short ends together, with the seam side inside.  Pin and then sew across the tops.

For the next steps, tape your main calendar piece to a piece of foam core.  This allows you to work on a firm surface at all times, which helps keep things lined up nicely.  Make sure the tape is lined up horizontally, as you will be using this to line up your pocket pieces.  Add tape from about 2 inches from the bottom of the fabric.

Find a scrap of vinyl or cardstock and cut it to about 5” x ½”  Use this as an efficient way to line up the pockets evenly.

To work on the next row, use another scrap cut to 2” x 4” and use that to make accurate even spacing between the rows.


When you get done pinning, it should look like this.  You can see how the edges of the fabric don’t look perfectly even, but we will be trimming those after all of the pockets are sewn on.

Pin the loops to the top, fold side down.  Center one loop over pocket #3, and align the outer edges of the other two loops with pockets #1 and #5 as shown.

Untape fabric and sew around the edges of the pockets, leaving the top edge open.  Sew the top 3 loops across the top edge.

Next step:  Adding 25 buttons!

Cut a piece of scrap vinyl 1/2” x 2.5” and mark the center with a sharpie.  This will be your guide for placing the buttons evenly.

Use tape to hold the button in place.

Adjust your machine settings to zig zag.  Set your stitch length to “O” and be prepared to adjust the zig zag width, based on the width of the button hole openings.


Carefully adjust the width of the zig zag stitch, and once it is set, give each of the button hole sets about 5-6 stitches.

All the pockets, tabs, and buttons are attached.  Time to trim the edges down and finish the project!

Use a rotary cutter, or a yard stick, to even up all the edges.  Measure 1” from the edges of the pockets, and trim evenly with the top edges of the loops.

Lay the back piece of fabric on top of the front piece, right sides together.  Pin around entire perimeter.

Sew around all edges, but leave a 6 inch opening at the bottom edge so you can turn the calendar right side out.

Trim all the corners as shown.  This will help you have nice sharp corners.

Turn right side out, press well. Add a dowel and tie on some ribbon or twine to hang it, and you are done!

Embroidered Advent Calendar Tutorial



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We would love to see your finished Advent Calendar!  Please join our Facebook group and share photos with us!

Download the Full Advent Calendar Tutorial PDF Now

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