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Want to make a useful AND adorable teacher gift this year? Check out today’s tutorial for Hall Pass Lanyards.

Instructions included for:

  • Buttonhole opening at top
  • Single line quick stitch triple bean outline (Use this if you have key fob hardware)
  • Both options can be done with the same design file.

Be sure to read all instructions before beginning

Supplies needed:

  • Firm Tearaway Stabilizer or Cutaway Stabilizer
  • Vinyl
  • Keyfob hardware (optional)
  • Purchased Lanyard. Or- if you’d like to make your own, I found a great tutorial here


Hoop one piece of tearaway or cutaway stabilizer.

Color 1:   Placement stitch.  Sew this on the stabilizer.

Place vinyl on top of stabilizer.  Make sure fabric completely covers the placement stitch.  Tape the vinyl to the stabilizer.  It needs to be secure for the next step.

Color 2:  Tackdown stitch.  Secures fabric to the stabilizer.   I typically skip this step because I prefer to wait until the final step to run the outside stitch line.

Expert Tip:  At this point I recommend putting 2-3 pieces of scrap tearaway stabilizer under the hoop while it stitches out the remainder of the design.  This will decrease puckering due to the density of the design, and also helps decrease threads breaking.

(back of hoop pictured)

Color 3- ?:  Sew all design details.

Second to last color:  Before stitching this color, remove hoop from machine, and remove any scrap tear-away stabilizer from the back of the hoop.  On the back of the hoop, add a piece of vinyl, right side up.  Secure with tape.

(back of hoop pictured)

Return hoop to machine and stitch all layers together.

** If you are using key fob hardware, you can remove the design from the hoop and trim around all edges.   Add the key fob at the top of the card and you are done!

If you are sewing the buttonhole, sew the final color which is the buttonhole at the top.

Remove hoop from machine, remove excess stabilizer, and trim around the edges.

Using scissors or a knife, cut buttonhole. Your lanyard is finished!



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