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Embroidered Felt designs are perfect for bow centers, quiet books, badge reel covers, pencil toppers, magnets, planner clips, wreaths, reward charts, ornaments, and so much more!  Sew them on vinyl for even more durability and ease of cleaning!

This tutorial includes instructions for how to make these delightful and versatile little embroidered Felties.

Supplies Needed for each Feltie:

  • Heavy Cutaway Stabilizer
  • Scraps of Felt or Scraps of Vinyl

A note about thread colors:  Though the design file may have multiple unusual colors, you may use any thread colors that you’d like to match your project.  The variety of thread colors is used to separate out design steps only.  You will use mostly white and black thread for the majority of these ornaments.

Be sure to read all instructions before beginning


Hoop one piece of tearaway or cutaway stabilizer.

Color 1:  Placement stitch.  Sew onto the stabilizer.

Lay a piece of yellow felt over the design and pin or tape it to the stabilizer.

Color 2-?:   Stitch all design details.  Keep stitching the steps until you have gotten to the next to the last color.

Remove the hoop from the machine but do not unhoop the project.  Turn the hoop over and tape or pin a piece of yellow felt to the back, covering the entire design. Be sure to make sure the bobbin thread is the color you want showing on the back of your finished project.

Expert Tip:  Before adding the final piece of felt, trim all the excess threads on the back side of the design.  This prevents those threads from showing through the felt when the project is finished.

Return hoop to the machine and stitch the final step which is the outline of the entire design.

Expert Tip:  When trimming threads, avoid cutting any of the threads on the top of the hoop, as this can lead to the threads unraveling.  Instead, turn the project to the back and pull all the loose threads to the back and trim there.

Remove design from hoop and trim around the edges as shown.

While cutting, angle your scissors slightly as shown, so the top layer is slightly larger than the stabilizer and bottom layers.  This prevents those layers from showing in your final product.

Your felt project is done!

Expert tip:  To make your felt designs have a nice clean edge, and be more durable, heat seal the edges.  To do this you will light a candle and slowly rotate the edge of the felt through the heat.  The heat melts all the felt fringe, and gives the edges a slightly firm feel.  I have made two short videos to show you how I do this.

Looking for more felt design inspiration?

I can’t wait to see your finished felties!  Please come post a photo in our Facebook Group or post on Instagram and tag me @goldilocks_designs so we can admire your beautiful work!

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